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    Your Auto Repair Options Following a Car Accident

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Many different factors may affect the results of a car accident. Each party’s insurance policies will be addressed, and fault may or may not be decided by a court of law. Your auto repair options may depend on who is deemed responsible for the accident. Here is how to decide your auto repair options following a car accident.

    When You Are Not at Fault

    One of the most important factors that determine your auto repair options is your insurance coverage as well as the other party’s insurance. If your car is hit by another driver and he has enough insurance, you should be covered. You can file a claim against your own comprehensive coverage if the other driver does not have enough insurance. Your comprehensive insurance can also cover damage from other accidents like damage from trees or severe weather.

    When You Are at Fault

    In the case that you are deemed responsible for a car accident, you can make a claim against your policy’s collision coverage in order to repair your car. You can also file a claim against your own collision coverage if you are the only driver involved in an accident.


    Regardless of fault, you will not be reimbursed with more money than your vehicle is worth. If your vehicle is extensively damaged, you may be compensated for the total cost of your car and have your car taken by your insurer (otherwise known as “totaled”). Insurers are also only required to make payments within policy limits; this means that your auto repair options may be limited if you are involved in a collision with someone who does not have extensive coverage.

    For more information about your auto repair options after a car accident, speak with the auto body professionals at Michael J’s Body Shop in San Jose. We are the Bay Area’s home for collision and auto body repair. If you would like to learn more about our services, give us a call at (877) 763-5195 or visit our website.

    Diagnosing Common Suspension Problems

    Last updated 12 days ago

    When it comes to problems with your vehicle’s suspension, there are a few different components that may be at fault. Watch this video for help in diagnosing some of the common suspension problems.

    If you are having suspension problems, the first part that you may want to check is the stabilizer link. This component prevents the vehicle from rolling over, but it tends to wear out over time; this is especially true if you take your car off-roading or frequently drive over potholes. The ball joints and tie rod ends should also be inspected regularly for wear.

    Are you experiencing suspension problems? We, at Michael J’s Body Shop, are happy to provide a number of auto body services and collision repairs in the San Jose area. You can find out more about our auto body and collision repair services by stopping by calling (877) 763-5195.

    Driving Precautions that will Help You Avoid an Accident

    Last updated 28 days ago

    Some safe driving tips may seem obvious, but they are important to follow if you want to minimize your chances of a collision. At Michael J’s Body Shop, we think it’s important to remind the San Jose community of ways to stay safe and avoid visiting an auto body repair shop. Here are some of the most important driving precautions that will help you avoid an accident.

    Keep the Kids and Pets Contained

    If you transport kids, make sure they are always buckled in their seats. Letting kids roam around the cabin is not only unsafe for them in the event of a collision, but it actually increases the risk of a collision due to distractions. All it takes is an accidental bump or scream to distract the driver and cause a collision. The same is true of pets: Keep them contained for their safety and yours.

    Limit or Avoid Cell Phone Use

    There are a number of technologies that allow you to talk and text while you drive without requiring you to take your hands off of the wheel, or even your eyes off of the road. But remember that the harder you concentrate on something other than driving, the less attention you have to devote to the act of driving itself. A survey by U.S. News and World Report found that the role of cell phone distraction in collisions is underreported, and that as many as one in four crashes involves cell phone distraction.

    Change Lanes Cautiously

    Never change lanes without first checking your mirrors, blind spot sensors, or turning your head to see if there is a car you would be merging into. Cutting in front of someone, not using your signals, or changing lanes too quickly can upset other drives and even cause a collision.

    Michael J’s Body Shop is San Jose’s preferred body shop, known for offering prompt, high-quality auto body repair. For more information about the services we have offered the Bay Area for the last 26 years, visit our website. And if you have any questions about our collision repair services, call us at (877) 763-5195. 

    Staying Safe When You Are Driving in Traffic

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Driving safely in traffic can be challenging, but knowing how to do so is important because it reduces your risk of getting into a collision. The most essential rule when driving in traffic is not to switch lanes unless you are sure you have a clear path. Only switch lanes if you have checked your mirrors or turned your head to make sure no one is in the way. Watch the video clip for more tips on driving safely in traffic.

    At Michael J’s Body Shop of San Jose, we offer a wide range of collision repair services for a great value. We have been in the business since 1988 and are proud to be family owned and operated. Give us a call at (877) 763-5195 or click over to our website to learn more about our collision and auto body repair services in the Bay Area. 

    Keep Your Car Looking Great with These Summer Maintenance Tips

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Going to a car wash regularly is the most important summer car maintenance service if you want your car to look like it did the day you purchased it. At Michael J’s Body Shop, San Jose’s leading body shop, we recommend these summer maintenance tips to keep your car looking great—and we know all about keeping cars and trucks looking like new.

    Wash and Clean Your Car Regularly

    Visit a professional car wash that washes the exterior with a soft cloth and dries it by hand, as this will produce the best clean. We also recommend waxing or polishing your vehicle every couple of months to preserve the shine and make washing the vehicle easier. Clean the interior thoroughly with a vacuum and use carpet shampoo to restore the look of the floor mats.  

    Keep Up With Tire and Wiper Maintenance

    Measure the tread depth once per month to make sure each tire has more than 4/32 inches of tread. Use the tire pressure gauge once per month to ensure each tire has the recommended air pressure, which is found inside the driver’s doorsill. If you notice uneven tread, head to an auto repair shop to see if it’s time for tire maintenance such as a wheel alignment or tire rotation service. This summer, replace the windshield wipers if they are more than six months old to stay safe while keeping your windshield looking nice.

    Visit a Body Shop to Repair the Dents and Dings

    With advancements in paintless dent repair, you can visit a body shop and have dings and minor damage repaired in the same day for much less than you would pay for a traditional dent-repair service. Have dings and dents repaired as soon as they occur to keep your car looking great on all of your summer road trips.

    Michael J’s Body Shop has two state-of-the-art auto body repair shops in San Jose. With more than 20 years of experience to offer, our body shop can help restore your vehicle and make it look new again. For more information about our collision repair services, head to our website or call us at (877) 763-5195.

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